Synopsis & Plot Summary of Raees (2017):

In this material world, wealth is the most sought thing and people adopt different means to gain wealth. This is the source of power and supremacy. People want to gain wealth so that they could be powerful. They want people to respect them and they also want to get priority in everywhere. For all those reasons, they want wealth. But they do not care if the wealth is gained by legal or illegal ways. In most of the cases, the wealth is gathered in some illegal ways and people who gain the wealth can enjoy those for some limited times. When the truth is revealed against the wealth gaining, the person is to lose all the wealth and by the same time the person also loses all the respects that he bought with his wealth. The movie – Raees is about the story of such a man who heaped wealth in different illegal means. But finally he failed to keep all the wealth to him as the actual facts behind the wealth gain was revealed by law enforcing agencies. His life and everything was destroyed.

Bollywood Hindi Movie Raees (2017) Review & Storyline:

Review: Human minds are not stable. The minds have different intentions in different times of the day. So, the human minds are restless and contemplate over different things. When it is about the thoughts of human minds, most of them are related to the material world and thus it is involved into different activities. Most of the cases, the human minds direct the human brain to bring out ideas to gain wealth and riches in easy ways. Consequently, the easiest ways are illegal measures which could be adopted so easily that even a small boy will also be able to gain the wealth in the ways. But gaining the wealth in illegal manners is a crime. Usually the people who collect the wealth in illegal ways are also considered as the worst people of the society.

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The people who gain wealth in illegal manners may be wealthy for a certain time, but they are to be ruined when the truth will be revealed. When they gain wealth, they do not care about the methods they are adopting. They use their powers to collect wealth from the others illegally. They push others to get money or adopt some other means. When they try to gain the riches in such manners, they also gain some curse from the people they are depriving. With the power of the curse, they are unable to sustain in their life. All of the ill activities of their life become public which makes them feel shy and brings their ruination.

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The histories never lie to people but sometimes the histories are written by the winners. So, the actual events are unknown to the people in some cases. But there are some differences found as well. History at times speaks the right thing. The movie – Raees is neither a historical movie nor it is slightly related with history, but it has some similarity with history. As history always unveils the villains, the movie has also unveiled the villain who gained wealth illegally. The movie belongs to action thriller genre, one of the most popular movie genres across India and the movie plot is simple.

Raees (2017)

The movie story is about a man who gathered wealth by ill means. He used to run prostitution, drug business and rackets, black marketing, illegal trades and more others. As a result, he became one of the richest men in his locality and did many things to impose influence on every issue there. But his influence did not last longer than he expected. He could not save his empire built on illegal ways. Most of his properties were built with the money he received from the illegal business in the locality. Besides, people hated him for all the activities he did in his life.

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Set in the backdrop of 1980, a tough police officer of the then time started investigating the issue and facts behind his wealth gain, the real truth was revealed. All of his ill activities got exposed to public and media. Finally he was ruined and all of the wealth he gained so far was captured by the government.

The movie is produced jointly by Gauri Khan, Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar while the movie is directed by Rahul Dholakia.

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Raees (2017) Hindi Movie Details:

Initial release: January 26, 2017 (India)
Director: Rahul Dholakia
Distributed by: Eros International
Music composed by: Ram Sampath
Production companies: Red Chillies Entertainment, Excel Entertainment


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