Synopsis & Plot Summary of Warcraft (2016):

When everyone wants to survive, it becomes impossible to perform all the necessary acts as there is always a chaos. So, to decide the survival, a war is a must. Usually two parties get engaged with the war and one of them is the winner. So, when it is about the issue of survival with families and the other people, they are to get involved into clashes. The war is about survival and so both the parties are serious over the issue. The movie – Warcraft is based on such a plot where the humans are to fight with the orcs and it is about their survival. Both the beings are on the verge of extinct for some unusual events. The orcs want to replace them in the planet Azeroth and destroy the humans and their habitats and on the other hand, humans want to live on the planet and they will not allow any external beings or aliens to rule over them or occupy the planet. Hence, both of the parties are in clash.

Hollywood Film – Warcraft (2016) Movie Review & Storyline:

Usually Hollywood movies are made only to achieve award and some other positive criticisms. So, the movie makers are highly aware about the movies and try to make the movies perfect as much possible for them. They adopt different ways to make the movies, select the stories, plan for the filming and other necessary tasks. But at times all of their labors go failure when they become unable to draw audiences’ attention. It happens mostly as they cannot perform all the tasks perfectly and sometimes they make few silly and unwanted mistakes. It happens regarding the cast selection, plot selection or selecting the filming location.

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Most of the movies in Hollywood are made based on some imaginary plots. But sometimes the scriptwriters fail to compose the plot in a natural manner and thus add some unwanted or unusual events and they believe that the movie will be a grand success if the weird elements are attached with the movie plots. Besides, the movie makers including the directors and producers and investors become unable to determine if the weird things are suitable with the movie or not. As a result, they move on with the project and the movie is made with the weak plotting.

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They turn surprised when they find that their investment is not returned to the desired level. Besides, such movies also become failure to grab mass attention. Such movie cannot become grand success. If the plotting was up to the mark, it was expected that the movie could have been a success and returned the investment to some desired or at least a satisfactory level. But the movie makers at times do not care about the movie plots and work as they are instructed by the scriptwriters. But there are some of the movie makers who actually do not abide by the advices from the scriptwriters.

Warcraft (2016)

Rather they polish the stories by them or try to adopt some different stories from their surroundings. When they turn unable to get any perfect story, they adopt the stories from their surrounding situations. They adopt stories from books, novels or bestsellers. Some of the movie makers have also adopted their plots from comic books or from video games. The movie – Warcraft is adopted from a video game and novel of the same name. The game is about the clash between the humans and the orc warriors. Before the trouble begins, both the beings were living peacefully.

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Due to some unwanted and unplanned activities, the lives of the orc warriors were under risk. They were on the verge of extinction. Besides, the humans were living on the planet peacefully until they were invaded by the orc warriors. Both of them were trying to save their existence and thus the leaders got involved into clash and an overall war among the humans and orc warriors begins. The war was about to survive. It was about protecting the lives of the families, the war was about saving their homes and properties and people.

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The movie belongs to epic fantasy genre and thus different unusual events have been shown on the movie. This is directed by Duncan Jones while the movie script is written jointly by Jones, Charles Leavitt and Chris Metzen. The original story is adapted from a video game and novels of the same name. The video game has been set in the background of the world of Azeroth. Now, the movie is set to be released in June 10 in 2016.

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Warcraft (2016), Movie Details:

Initial release: May 25, 2016 (France)
Director: Duncan Jones
Box office: 433 million USD
Budget: 160 million USD
Music composed by: Ramin Djawadi


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