Synopsis & Plot Summary of The Vatican Tapes (2015):

The Vatican Tapes is an upcoming Hollywood horror movie that deals with the issue of satanic activities and its defeat by the exorcists. The movie is about the eternal battle of the good and evil where the evil is always defeated at the last moment. A young girl has been possessed by an evil power and she has started behaving differently. She can injure her surrounding people and the injuries lead the people to death. Moreover, the she develops some supernatural power like floating and performing tasks by her intention only. All these prove the possession of an evil force on her. Therefore, two priests were informed to solve the problem. The battle of the good and evil begins. Although it was thought that evil will be weaker, it appears that the evil is stronger that it was imagined.

Hollywood Film – The Vatican Tapes (2015) Movie Review & Storyline:

Horror movies have a different sort of appeal to the global audience. Mostly people want to watch horror movies at late night to enjoy the thrill properly, and mostly they do so at their homes. But watching movies in theatres is also thrilling. The large screen represents the scaring events more attractively.

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Now a day, horror movies are being made with some special effects and visuals so that the scenes turn real. The effects are helpful to make people scared even at day times. So, the film makers are successful in scaring people with their master pieces. But the statement is not true for all the horror movies. Without a strong plot and natural artists, you cannot expect for a box office hit.

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The vacation Tapes is the upcoming Hollywood horror movie which deals with the evil activities of an evil force aged over thousand years. The evil force starts possessing a young girl and makes her compelled to do whatever it wants.

The Vatican Tapes (2015)

The event begins when the young lady, Angela Holmes, 27, cuts her finger accidentally during slicing a piece of cake at a party. She was taken to emergency but she got infected somehow. When she was taken back at her home, her beahviour was entirely changed and she started performing some supernatural acts which was weird and impossible to be performed by human beings.

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Her activities started injuring people and even people died due to the injuries and it mostly happened with those who were with her after the infection. Suspecting the possession of evil force, two priests were invited to cure her. They diagnosed that she is possessed by an evil force that is aged for over centuries and stronger than it was thought.

Therefore, the battle between the good and evil starts, and now they are to kill the satanic force and save the life of Angela.

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Story of the movie is composed jointly by Chris Morgan and Christopher Borrelli and the script is composed by Christopher Borrelli.

The movie has different stars including Kathleen Robertson on the role of Dr. Richards, with Michael Peña on the role of Father Lozano, Djimon Hounsou as Vicar Imani, Dougray Scott as Roger Holmes, John Patrick Amedori as Pete, Olivia Taylor Dudley on the leading female role of Angela, Tehmina Sunny as Reporter, Bruno Gunn as Damon, Daniel Bernhardt as Psych Ward Security, Peter Andersson as Cardinal Bruun, Noemi Gonzalez as Maria, Ashley Gibson as Ashley, Sam Upton as Orderly Mason, Alex Sparrow as Dr. Kulik, Jarvis W. George as Det. Simmons, Nilla Watkins as Pysch Ward Patient and Jai Stefan as Psych Ward Guard among others.

The movie is set to be screened on July 24 in 2015 globally.

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The Vatican Tapes (2015), Movie Details:

Initial release: July 24, 2015 (USA)
Director: Mark Neveldine
Running time: 1h 31m
Music composed by: Joseph Bishara
Screenplay: Mark Neveldine, Christopher Borrelli
Budget: $8,495,000 (estimated)
Genres: Horror | Thriller


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