Synopsis & Storyline of The BFG (2016):

There are some common ideas that the giants are bad and they have evil intentions always. But unfortunately the idea is not true for all the giants. The movie – The BFG is about such a plot where a big giant behaves friendly with a young little girl and helps her out to take revenge on an evil demon who wants to harm the humans and the world. The movie is a fantasy movie made in Hollywood. In this movie, the giant has behaved so friendly that the little girl starts admiring him for the amicable behave and befriends with him. The movie plot has been adopted from a novel of the same name. Earlier, different adaptations have been made of the novel in different platforms and this is the first theatrical adaptation. The movie is supposed to be one of the greatest movies of the year for its filming, plotting and performance from the casts. It is also expected that the movie will gain some positive criticisms from the audiences and different quarters.

Hollywood Film – The BFG (2016) Movie Review & Storyline:

Hollywood movie makers are on the view that they should create something different than the other movie makers of the world for different reasons. The first and the top most important thing about their view is that they pick the right movie plots for them. A large number of movie genres have been made so far and many others are on the pipeline to be invented. Usually the movie makers try to bring something special from the very common movie genres. The most popular movie genres of Hollywood are – action, comedy, drama, science fiction, romantic, biography (better known as biopic) etc. Besides, they are combining different movie genres together to make something different.

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Usually they combine the usual several genres to make movies and the movies become successful as well. For instance, when the movie makers make a movie over drama, they try to add some comic elements to make it as comedy drama movie. Again, if they make movies on action, they try to keep some dramatic elements which rename the movie as action drama. By this way the movie genres have been changed and the changes, in most of the cases, are positive for the movie makers. When the different genres are combined together, the audiences get a different taste of the movies. Generally the audiences expect to have some actions in the action movies and they are prepared so to enjoy the sequences. But when some dramatic elements are attached with the action genre, the movies become more interesting to them.

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Besides, the movie plots also play important role here to bring audience attraction. When the movie plot is made with care and contains twists, the audiences become amazed. Sometimes the movies become successful only for the movie plots. If the movie plots are not interesting, there are several chances of the movie to fall in competition with the other movies of the same genres. Thereby, the movie makers of Hollywood are too selective in this case. Initially they try to make movies on the plots made by their own, and in case of failure, they try to get the plots from different other sources. The movie plot of the movie – The BFG is picked from the novel of the same name. Here, BFG might have referred as Big Friendly Giant.


The movie is about the friendship of a little girl and the BFG. They formed an exceptional type of friendship and accordingly they set out in adventures. The usual belief refers that the giants are devilish in nature and want to damage the humans. But the BFG is different. He is not like the other giants rather he wants to help people in different ways. In this movie, he has set out in adventure with Sophie, the little girl, to find out the devilish, man-eating giant. The man-eating giant is causing trouble to the humans and the world. He is irritating the humans, damaging their properties and killing them for no reason. Now it is time for the BFG and Sophie to hunt down the giant.

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The BFG is different from the other giants and is outcast from his society as he denies eating humans and damaging them. So, he was living a lonely life and in such a time his encounter with Sophie changes his track. He becomes willing to help her to get rid of the troubles from the man-eating giant. The movie plot has not been changed so much but few modifications have been made to make it more attractive to the audiences. The novel has been adapted in several other platforms for its charming attractions.

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Filming for the movie began in March of 2015 and it is set to be released on July 1 in 2016.

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The BFG (2016) Movie Details:

Release date: July 1, 2016 (USA)
Director: Steven Spielberg
Story by: Roald Dahl
Music composed by: John Williams
Production companies: DreamWorks Studios


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