Synopsis & Plot Summary of Sultan (2016):

Bollywood action movies are always different and have a distinctive style of making the movies. When the movie begins, usually the audience burst into excitement at the theatre hall. The movie plots are outstanding and accordingly the movie Sultan is made. Sultan is about the life of professional wrestler. The wrestler is Sultan Ali Khan and commonly known as Sultan in his surroundings. When he is on the wrestling match, he is the best. He has been the best. He is known as the best of the bests but his fall begins when he becomes the victim of his familial issues. He cannot concentrate on his matches and accordingly he starts descending from his position. His wife is largely responsible for the fall. The movie shows the personal and private life of the wrestler. Mostly this is a biographic movie and enriched with action sequences. It is expected that the audience will enjoy the movie for the plot and the performance of Sultan (Salman Khan).

Bollywood Hindi Film – Sultan (2016) Movie Review & Storyline:

Review: Bollywood has its own styles and methods to make movies of different genres. When the movies are made, usually they have a very good business. The business is done for several reasons. Firstly, the movies are made with different technologies and the directions are outstanding. When the films are shot, the movie makers try to get the perfect shot so that there should be no troubles with the sequences. There are instances that a shot has been taken over hundred times to get the right and perfect one. Usually two or three takes are done to make a movie but when it is about perfection, the director and the artists are to work hard to get the desired shot. This is one of the key reasons for the success of Bollywood movie.

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Moreover, casting on the movie plays an important role after the movie’s success. When the casting is done, usually the movie makers like the directors and producers suggest names of the artists who could portray the role. If it is about a wrestler and the movie maker is planning to take hero with a slim figure, the audience will reject the movie undoubtedly. Further, if it is about a light character which is portrayed with a heavy figure, the audience will also reject such a movie. It happens as the protagonists cannot portray the character exactly. So, the movie makers pick the right character after their needs and in compliance with the story’s characters.

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Besides, the use of technology and stunts is a notable issue. Some of the movies are made with the use of the latest technology. Often digital contents are used on the movies to make them more attractive. This is a very good factor for the movies’ success. Sometimes professional stuntmen are used on the movie to perform stunts. In some cases, the hero himself performs the stunts with the association of technology. When the heroes perform the stunts, it looks more beautiful than the stunts performed by the professionals. So, the movie makers try to avoid stuntmen in many of the cases and the use is becoming limited as well.

Sultan (2016)

The movie plot of Sultan is about a man who is brave. It is about a man who does not know what fear is. The man is Sultan. Sultan Ali Khan. He is a professional wrestler. He is considered as the best man in wrestling in Haryana. But due to some unwanted situations, he fell down from the list. His kingdom vanishes. All his reputations get disappeared. The movie is a biographical film and shows the very personal and professional life of the wrestler. It also shows the clashes between his private and professional life.

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To perform the role of Sultan, Bollywood superstar, Salman Khan, had to undergo extensive training and in line with his training, Anushka Sharma also had to participate in the wrestling lessons. It was done so that the audience may not be shocked with strange moves. The filming for the movie is underway and hopefully it will be released on July of 2016.

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Sultan (2016), Movie Details:

Initial release: July 8, 2016
Director: Ali Abbas Zafar
Music by: Vishal–Shekhar
Production company: Yash Raj Films
Written by: Aditya Chopra, Ali Abbas Zafar


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