Synopsis & Plot Summary of Son of Saul (2015):

Son of Saul is a Hungarian drama movie based on a plot filled with pity and love. The movie is about love of a father to his boy whom did not cared for during his living days, and now the fathers is possessed with a deep sense of guilt that why he did not care for his boy before he was found dead and to be burnt by him. The movie is about the eternal bonding of father and his kids. It shows the events of the life of Jewish prisoner. The prisoner has been sent to a crematorium to burn dead bodies so that they could not be found. It was the period of 1944 and the plot is set in Hungary. The prisoner named Saul Ausländer is the member of Hungarian group – Sonderkommando in jail. He has been caught by the law enforcers and been sent to the jail and then to the crematorium. Suddenly one day he discovers a body and believes that to be his son, accordingly he plans not to burn the body. He starts looking for a rabbi to bury the body is a safer place.

Hollywood Film – Son of Saul (2015) Movie Review & Storyline:

Review: Human beings are truly strange in their nature. They never care for the things they have with them in the present days and regret when those are lost. It has been being practiced for centuries and numerous tragic events have taken place too. But they are of no importance to us. In fact people are always in deep thought about their uncertain future and accordingly could not manage time to look what they have with them currently. Consequently they are in lifetime regret. But if they had taken care of the issues earlier, they would not have to lament for the missing.

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In most of the cases, they never care for the relations, wealth or friends they have in their life. When they are in disaster, they remember that they have walked on the wrong track of their life. But unfortunately they do not have the options left to return on the right track due to the situations or different reasons. In the movie – Son of Saul the plot is about such a tragic event where a father was reluctant to his child and suddenly he finds the dead body of his child to be burnt by him.

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As the member of Sonderkommando, Saul Ausländer was responsible to burn dead bodies after his arrest by the Hungarian authority. The scenario of the then period was horrible. Killings and destruction was the main theme of the rulers to make the country dominated to their political ideologies and accordingly many of the Jewish people were killed and burnt so that their remaining could not be found. Saul Ausländer had to burn the bodies of his own people and suddenly he discovers that the body of his own son has arrived and waiting on the queue to be burnt.

Son of Saul (2015)

As a father he felt regret that he did not take care of his boy properly when he was alive and now Saul Ausländer has to burn the body of his own boy by him. The event is of great distress for a father to burn the body of his boy. So, he planned something different. He started looking for a rabbi. His intentions were to bury the body of his boy with the help of the rabbi.

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The movie stars Géza Röhrig on the role of Saul, with Levente Molnár as Abraham, Urs Rechn as Biedermann, Sándor Zsótér as Doctor, Todd Charmont as Braun, Uwe Lauer as Voss, Christian Harting as Busch, and Kamil Dobrowolski as Mietek among others.

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Son of Saul (2015) Movie Details:

Initial release: 2015 (Hungary)
Director: László Nemes
Cinematography: Mátyás Erdély
Distributor: Sony Pictures Classics
Genres: Horror, Thriller, War film, Drama film


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