Synopsis & Storyline of Shaheb Bibi Golaam (2016):

Life is not too straightforward as it is thought and most of the cases, the overall public who are driving the life can’t approve of what they have. They, really, don’t have any thankfulness to their life and resources while there are some different people who are to some degree unmistakable in nature. The recognize all that they do have with them paying little mind to what is the size or condition of the belonging and along these lines they get the opportunity to be powerful in their life. Nevertheless, there are some different people who could be named as the third sort who neither have anything nor they esteem their present status and honestly, life has no meaning to them. The record of the movie – Shaheb Bibi Golam is to some degree near. The characters have been doing combating for their survival amidst different hardship and when they meet together, some other time of possible results begin. In this manner, when they plan to perform something for them, they can’t as their capacity and the investment level is unmistakable and not up to the engraving. Along these lines, the events get the opportunity to be disorderly for every one of them. They get destroyed from their point and life ends up being more erratic to them. The story of the characters goes on.

Kolkata Bengali Film – Shaheb Bibi Golaam (2016) Movie Review & Storyline:

This is an amazingly fundamental example for all the movie makers to get movies from surely understood books and make a noteworthy bash. In spite of the way that in particular cases the movies can’t bring the fancied level of accomplishment, the greater part of them can do and enamor the all inclusive community. It has moreover been found that a novel has been grasped in different lingos and in different organizations. Along these lines, the issue is not a phenomenal for the movie Shaheb Bibi Golam. Surely, the record of the movie has been picked from the book of the same name by Bimal Mitra. This is a Bengali novel and deals with a couple issues of the common laborers Bengali people and how they oversee them.

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Most by far of the times, there are some basic responses found of the cushy class Bengali people and when they are to oversee greater issues than their imaginative vitality, it ends up being truly troublesome for them to oversee. Along these lines, when they are doled out with some more noteworthy commitments, they can’t deal with the issues faultlessly and make a disaster area. Likewise, if there are a couple of calamities in the country or any sorts of political unsettling, it gets the opportunity to be unfathomable for them to oversee even the irrelevant issues. Thusly, they every now and again get the opportunity to be astounded with the things that consider the possibility that they do or not do in such cases.

Shaheb Bibi Golaam (2016)

The movie – Shaheb Bibi Golam deal about the issues of three novel individuals in different circumstances. They have a spot with the get-together of three remarkable orders living in Calcutta and the circumstances were anarchic. The city was encountering a couple issue and in such circumstances, the all inclusive community had met with each other. Each of them had differing stories to tell anyway they couldn’t complete the stories as they couldn’t reach to a solidarity about their issues and as needs be the stories were untold.

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The movie plot has been picked from the novel of the same name however the movie makers have revealed a couple of enhancements in this present part. For the most part when a movie is picked from any books or books, the movie makers endeavor to get a refinement the plots for some specific reasons. When they plan to make the movie in perspective of the external stories other than the movies plots made by the master movie plot makers, they endeavor to bring a couple changes so that the group could get delight. Regardless, in some diverse cases, the movie makers keep the stories same as per the books so that the get-togethers of individuals could have a visual of the book and how the events depicted on the book will look on the screen.

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The main story of the novel was around a medieval family yet the social occasions of individuals will experience an option that is other than what’s normal on the screen. A couple characters may proceed as before as per the book’s special story while the movie makers have incorporated some diverse characters for the need of the story. In any case, the book described the story of the all inclusive community living in the city Calcutta besides portrayed how they dealt with the events in their typical life.

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Shaheb Bibi Golaam (2016) Movie Details:

Initial release: 2016
Director: Pratim D. Gupta
Music composed by: Anupam Roy
Screenplay: Pratim D. Gupta
Story by: Pratim D. Gupta


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