Synopsis & Plot Summary of Rocky Handsome (2016):

Bollywood gives birth to lots of actions and thriller movies. As a result the number of such movies has been increased to great extent and many of them have gained much fame. The upcoming movie – Rocky Handsome is supposed to be another one of that category. The movie is based on an attractive plot that deals with the issues of love and emotion to human beings. When a little girl of eight years is kidnapped by a group of mafia, another stranger comes forward to take the revenge. It might appear that the movie might be an emotional one as the hero is going to take revenge, but in fact there are more twists in the movie. The movie being action genre contains a large number of action sequences and it is anticipated that the movie will be a super hit only for the authentic actions.

Bollywood Film Rocky Handsome (2016) Movie Review & Storyline:

Usually the audiences prefer Bollywood movies for a wide number of reasons. When the movies are made, they are made perfectly. The movie makers take care each of the issues that may come with the movies and also consider the consequences as well. When the plot is made, the script writer thinks of different issues altogether. Moreover, they also consider the negative consequences as well. Sometimes they try to figure out the equations and try making balance of the issues in the script. Finally the each of the scripts becomes masterpieces. So, when the scripts are made in Bollywood, the scripts should be considered as the best of the best.

Besides, the Bollywood movies are also best in consideration of the actions. Most of the action sequences are done with the similarity of the plot while the use of fire arms is also notable in the movies. In the current movie, the action sequences are mostly completed using fire arms and specifically the handguns have been used most. Besides, the presence of unarmed combat is also notable in this movie.

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If we consider the film makers of this movie, we will see that renowned makers are after it. The movie is directed under the perfectionist director Nishikant Kamat, who also has directed some good movies in the industry. Most of his movies have gained fame and accordingly he has received recognition from both the local and international communities. So, it is expected that the movie will be a blockbuster under his cordial direction.

Rocky Handsome (2016)

The key performers of the movie include John Abraham, Nishikant Kamat and Sharad Kelkar. Each of them have their reputation in Bollywood movies. The role played by John Abraham is adorable. He played the role of the man who fights alone with the mafia to rescue the little girl who has a special relation with him.

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The official story of the movie is about a man who saves a little girl. The little girls was abducted by a group of mafia for some reasons. They planned to kill the young girl and hearing this news the man comes to rescue the girl. It is also reported that the movie has been adopted from a Korean movie named – The Man from Nowhere. Although the movie plot has been adopted from the foreign movie, not all the parts have been copied. Rater, there are some external additions will be found on the movie.

There are a good number of reasons after the movie’s success. Not only the plot, the making is also a bright factor for the movie and its success. When the movie was planned to be made, it is reported that, the movie makers have done more than necessary preparatory works. When everything came into being, the movie making experienced smoothness. The trailer has been released which has also brought much positive criticisms. Earlier, it has been seen that the movies which are made from following foreign plots usually cannot be successful and the audience do not take the movies seriously.

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But it is expected that Rocky Handsome will be a different experience for the audience. The hard efforts will bring the desired outcomes for the people behind the movie.

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Rocky Handsome (2016), Movie Details:

Initial release: 25 Mar 2016
Director: Nishikant Kamat
Music composed by: Jeet Ganguly, Meet Bros
Production companies: John Abraham Entertainment, Azure Entertainment
Genres: Bollywood, World cinema


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