Synopsis & Plot Summary of Pete’s Dragon (2016):

Pete’s Dragon is the upcoming animated live action movie based on the events of a little boy and his best friend, a giant looking dragon. The movie is about the bond between the two and the adventures they undergo. This movie – Pete’s Dragon has been a remake of the movie with the same name that was made in 1977. The casts have been changed but the key plot of the movie has been the same since it was in the earlier movie. The movie shows that an old woodcarver named Meacham has nothing to do except passing his times with the children. He loves to tell them stories while the children also prefer listening interesting stories from him. Often he tells the story of a dragon in the local forest while many of the children do not believe the story of the dragon. Suddenly, the kids meet with an unknown boy who claims that he lives with a dragon in the forest. The Dragon is named as Elliott. So, the daughter of the woodcarver, a forest ranger as well, wants to discover the truth behind the claim of the little boy named – Pete. Therefore, all of them start their journey to meet Pete’s Dragon.

Hollywood Film – Pete’s Dragon (2016) Movie Review & Storyline:

Movies are the best ways to get relaxed. So, the movie makers are always in try to make the audiences amazed as it is done by the movie makers of the movie – Pete’s Dragon. The movie makers have made the movie in a different way. Pete’s Dragon is the remake of the movie of the same name. They have changed the entire concept of movie making and the current installment of the movie is entirely different from the former one. The former movie that was made in the 70s was only animation. But now the movie is a bit different from the former one. Pete’s Dragon contains some live action sequence. Here in line with the animation, some real life cast will also play some roles.

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Live actions movies are quite different from the other animation movies. The audiences of Pete’s Dragon will enjoy a different sense of enjoyment and the movie makers are always in search of such options so that they could make the audiences thrilled. The movie makers have adopted some other techniques to grad audience attention. The live action feature of Pete’s Dragon definitely is a great thing to enjoy but the movie plot is also different from the contemporary fantasy movies. Usually the fantasy movies are those movies which are made with the events that do not have any real life connection. In a word, the things that are shown on the fantasy movies will never happen in the real life of the people who enjoy the movie or who work to complete the movie.

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 Pete’s Dragon belongs to the fantasy movie genre and the movie makers did not have changed the plot. Rather they have tried to enhance the sequences of the movie and thus attempted to make it fine. The movie makers of Pete’s Dragon are well aware that only animation is barely enough to entertain people with an old plot, thus they used the latest technology for the movie. The movie is not able to grab attention of all ages of audiences who prefer to enjoy animation movies. Besides, the movie plot is also outstanding and the audience will be amazed at the central story.

Pete’s Dragon (2016)

Pete’s Dragon mostly deals with the stories of Pete and his friendly dragon. Pete and the Dragon named Elliott are best friends. Both of them live in the jungle. Pete is around 10 years of age and he is an orphan. But the emergence of the dragon is a mystery. The audience will be able to know about the dragon’s appearance gradually. The movie also tells the stories of an old woodcarver who tells interesting stories about the dragon to the local children. He tells them that the dragon lives in the nearby jungle and they in fact do not believe his tales. But one day they meet with the little boy, Pete. Then Pete tells them that he lives with a dragon. So, all of them want to meet the dragon and starts their journey to Pete’s home.

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David Lowery has written the movie in line with Toby Halbrooks while Lowery has also directed the movie. The movie plot is based on a short story written by S. S. Field and Seton I. Miller. Casting for the movie began in September in 2014 and continued till January of the next year. Filming was done in different places including Bay of Plenty, Wellington and Canterbury and in New Zealand. Filming for the movie began in January of 2015 and the movie makers have decided to release Pete’s Dragon on August 12 in 2016.

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Pete’s Dragon (2016) Movie Details:

Initial release: August 12, 2016 (USA)
Director: David Lowery
Screenplay: Toby Halbrooks
Music composed by: Daniel Hart
Story by: Seton I. Miller, S.S. Field


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