Synopsis & Plot Summary of Ki & Ka (2016):

Challenge is the word of the day. When you experience some challenges in your life, life becomes intolerable. Some people could go with the changes while many others fail to accept the challenges and changes accompanied by the challenges as well. So, it is imperative to take challenges carefully lest the golden opportunities are missed. The movie Ki & Ka shows a different type of challenge that a newly married couple undertakes. When they got married they come to a plan that they will play opposite roles. The bridegroom will play the role of the bride, while the bride will be on the role of the Bridegroom. Usually, the roles of men and women are preset in the society. Men are engaged with wage earning acts while the women do not need to perform the wage earning activities. They are to stay at home and take care of the family and household. But the movie has something different to show to the audience.

Bollywood Hindi Film – Ki and Ka (2016) Movie Review & Storyline:

Bollywood is the only industry where the movie makers experiment with different things. They love to experiment over the controversial issues and finally the results are outstanding. When the experiments are done, the movie makers are often to suffer from detrimental comments or criticisms. But once the movies are made and released, the movie makers receive much positive criticisms from those who provided negative criticizes. So, they in fact do not care about this. Whenever they move to make any controversial experiment, they are well aware that they might have some detrimental impacts on them. But they do not go on back foot.

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Besides, during the controversial experiments, they make the plot in an effective manner so that the critiques could be satisfied after watching the movie. They include a wide range of casts and crews to support the movies and make it a grand success. The examples are more about such movies which gained negative feedbacks but succeeded after their initial release. There is some hype in the air about such movies, dealing with the controversies, which also often helps the movie to be the rocking one.

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Picking up a plot and revise it effectively is the key expertise of the movie makers. They pick the plots so carefully and try to bring them in to the understanding level of the commoners. So, when the movie is released, they usually get the desired result. Moreover, the role of the cast on the movie needs appreciation as well. They risk their career with the plots. They are well aware that the plot is controversial but they get engaged into the performance to make the hit. There are several chances that if the movie falls, it may have a huge negative consequence in their career. Many of the artists have been destroyed for their wrong selection. But being bold, they take the risk to make the movie a success and perform their best.

Ki & Ka (2016)

The movie Ki & Ka is an upcoming Bollywood rom-com. The movie is about a change in the society. It tells the audience to get out of their traditional roles. Generally, the society has some norms and rules and the people living here abide by the rules strictly. They do not try or dare to alter the preset rules. One of the most followed rules is that women will be the homemaker while their male counterparts will be the bread winner. So, usually women are found at their home and males are at work places. But in the current days, many of the women are seen working out of home and by the same time they are taking care of their house.

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In fact they are playing a dual role in their life. So, life becomes difficult for them. The movie Ki & Ka shows that if the traditional roles of men and women could be altered, there will be few negative consequences in line with the positive aspects. The conclusion of the movie will amaze the audience.

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Ki and Ka (2016), Movie Details:

Initial release: April 1, 2016 (India)
Director: R. Balki
Written by: R. Balki
Cinematography: P. C. Sreeram
Music composed by: Mithoon, Ilayaraja


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