Synopsis & Plot Summary of Kamasutra 3D Hindi (2016):

S+e+x has always dominated on the planet. This is the root of everything including good or evil. Without the presence of s+e+x, nothing could have been done in this world. But there are some rules and regulations to perform the eternal act and the rules are found in the book titled Kamasutra. The book is a grand one to teach s+e+x+u+a+l issues to human and the movie Kamasutra 3D is based on the book. The official plot is about having s+e+x+u+a+l intercourse and the techniques used or followed to perform the act. The artists have tried their best to depict the images of s+e+x+u+a+l+i+t+y and its appeal through their performance. Due to the natural performance, the artists of this movie have been praised globally and the movie has achieved few prestigious awards over different categories. Though the first book was written Sanskrit language, the movie maker has changed few aspects of the genuine text to make the entire issue more attractive on the screen.

Bollywood Hindi Film – Kamasutra 3D (2016) Movie Review & Storyline:

Everything in the universe happens naturally and the issue of s+e+x+u+a+l+i+t+y is also a natural thing for us though in some places this is considered as a social stigma and people do not want to discuss about the issue in public. For those cases, the issue could be taught on screen. But for the teaching, a strong and skillful movie maker is required in line with the association of a bunch of bold artist to perform the acts.

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In some of the countries, s+e+x+u+a+l+i+t+y is considered as the thing that could not be discussed on public. They fear that the discussion will make the environment unpleasant and it is also an issue of embarrassment before the kids. So, they do not want the issue to be discussed before the children or in public. But they cannot ignore the importance of s+e+x in their life. They need to change the thoughts and ideas overall the point of view over s+e+x+u+a+l behaviors.

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A book named Kamasutra has become globally famous as it contains the materials top perform s+e+x+u+a+l activities. The book is illustrated with a large number of images and instructions over s+e+x+u+a+l positioning so that people could have their own specific position and comfortably complete the task. This is a kind of teaching book for all classes of people who want to have s+e+x+u+a+l intercourse perfectly.

Kamasutra 3D (2016)

The practice of s+e+x+u+a+l behaviors is now common in the western countries while the eastern regions are lagging behind for several reasons. But it should be kept in mind that illegal s+e+x+u+a+l behavior is always discouraged in all societies. You need to have a legal partner to perform the act. The movie Kamasutra 3D is about s+e+x. It unearths the secrets of s+e+x and its impact on human life and their overall behaviors.

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The movie has already been released and gained much positive criticisms and appraisals from different quarters for its outstanding making and cast performance. The movie is not only an erotic movie to arouse the audience rather it is also filled with love. War is the other important element of the movie in line with betrayal of the characters to gain their own interests. The movie shows the radical changes of man and woman who undergo different situations while s+e+x+u+a+l intercourse plays the most important role for them.

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The changes are immense and s+e+x does many things to bring the changes. There are some special transformations among the characters who have participated in s+e+x. For the participation, they are to perform a large number of things and the movie goes on forward. There are some other changes found on the characters as well and they even do not hesitate to violate the trusts of others for the sake of s+e+x.

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The movie has been made on 3D format and it is anticipated that the movie makers will release the movie in other formats like 4D and 5D. The lead role is played by Sherlyn Chopra and directed by Rupesh Paul. Mr. Paul has also composed the movie for the audience and added the extra falvours for the audience.

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Kamasutra 3D (Sherlyn Chopra) Hindi, 2016 Movie Details:

Directed by: Rupesh Paul
Written by: Rupesh Paul
Cinematography: Sapan Narula (2D)
Ratheesh KG: (3D)
Edited by: Ajay Devlokha
Release dates: Not Yet
Country: India
Language: English, Hindi
Cast : Sherlyn Chopra, Milind Gunaji, King Malkhan, Salim Kumar, Nassar, Makrand Deshpande, Maleena Khan, Sushmita Mukherjee, Gajendra Chauhan, Mohan Kapoor, Amit Behl, Andria D’souza


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