Synopsis & Plot Summary of Great Grand Masti (2016):

Bollywood is the place where it has all ages of audience and accordingly the movies are made after targeting each of the groups. Some of the movies are made carefully to entertain the adult group and the Great Grand Masti is one of the. Officially the plot is unavailable as the movie makers do not want to reveal the story rather they invite the audience to enjoy it on theatre screens. Hence, the story is unavailable but it is anticipated that the movie will be similar to the previous installments. The earlier episodes of the movie dealt with different sexual issues and made audience amazed with the witty dialogues and expressions. So, it is expected that the movie will entertain the audience like the ancestors.

Great Grand Masti (2016) Movie Review & Storyline:

When it is about making a romantic movie, the movie makers seek romantic plots. When it is about action, the movie makers try to make the movie accordingly to that the people could get the right entertainment. But when it is about adult comedy, it becomes tougher for the movie makers and producers to get a right plot. Sometimes it is also tougher for them to publicize such movies as those are not in fact desired in the society. There are some schools who are on the argument that the movies make the youths derailed.

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But it should be kept in mind that the movies are made by targeting a group of people. But the difficulties appear when all ages of people come to enjoy the movie. The Masti movie series is in fact an adult comedy. Everything in this movie is intended to entertain the adults. So, if a under aged audience come to watch the movie, it would not suit him or her. They may not get the desired pleasure after watching or the events may appear unusual to them.

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But the events will have a different meaning to the adult or the targeted audience. When an intended audience will watch the movie, the meaning will be clear. The movie dialogues are written too critically and with double meaning. In the beginning, by hearing the dialogues, one may think that the statement is sexually explicit. But if it is considered carefully, the meaning will be different to the audience. Besides, creating such double meaning dialogues is daunting and requires lots of ready wits.

Great Grand Masti (2016)

Moreover, the Masti movie series is filled with too many covered nudity which may also appear inappropriate to the audience. The casts in the movie have played the roles smartly as well. In some of the cases, it is found that the casts become reluctant to perform on such movies while in some other cases the performances are not satisfactory. But in this Great Grand Masti, the casts have performed very well. None of them have seen reluctant or uncomfortable with the roles and dialogues. Each of the statements is clear and dancing steps are perfect.

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The movie makers have planned to build the third phase of the movie for the unexpected success. The earlier two installments of the series rocked the box offices despite different allegations of sexually explicit materials and nudity. Sometimes the censor board members also discouraged in screening such movies but with the arguments of the movie makers, they allowed to release the movies. Consequently the movies achieved grand success in each of the year after their release.

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The last installment was released in 2015 and after the release the movie gained a huge success. The success came due to the plot and special performance from the cast. It is anticipated that in this current installment, the success will also be similar to the previous installment. The movie solely intends to entertain people with some adult comedies and it is hoped that the aim of the movie makers will be filled up perfectly.

The movie will be released in March 25 in 2016.

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Great Grand Masti (2016), Movie Details:

Initial release: March 25, 2016
Director: Indra Kumar
Music composed by: Anand Raj Anand
Story by: Indra Kumar
Production companies: Mehboob Studio, Balaji Motion Pictures


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