Synopsis & Plot Summary of Bangla Movie Dark Chocolate (2016):

Dark Chocolate is the upcoming crime thriller in Bengali language and has been made in Kolkata. This is one of the Bengali movies that is dealing with a mysterious murder case that took place in real life. So, the case has not been solved yet and the investigations are still underway. The movie makers have portrayed all the issues too artistically that the audiences will remember the movie for a long time after they watch it when released. The movie is about the murder of Sheena Bora. She was the daughter of media barons. Indrani Mukherjea and Peter Mukherjea were her parents. Both of them were influential in the Indian movie industry and had a different lifestyle than the other people related with the movie industry. But the murder of their only daughter made them nervous and they had to give up everything by lamenting for their daughter. Sheena Bora was an executive and worked for Mumbai Metro One. She suddenly went missing in April 24 in 2012 and her family members tried to make people understand that the she has left the country. But in reality, this was one of the cruelest plans of killing and the mother of Sheena Bora was involved with the murder. Later police inquiry revealed that Sheena Bora was killed and her dead body was burnt in a distant place by her mother, her mother’s ex husband and their driver.

Bangali Movie Dark Chocolate (2016) Review & Storyline:

Humans usually form families to live in peace. But sometimes, conflicts appear in the families over different issues and the consequences are not good for all. Most of the times, the results are detrimental and even claims lives. The movie – Dark Chocolate, is one of those which resemble that disputes in family could even lead to some killings and the results are not expected for all. Everyone involved in the killing have to get their right punishment. The movie is made based on some real life events that take place in the year of 2012. It is all about a family events where a killing takes place and the family members are involved with the killing. The other family member including the mother was also involved into the killing. They planned to kill the daughter and executed the plan so sophisticatedly that nobody could come to know about the actual events until they acknowledged the truths on the police remand. This is in fact a shame for such families.

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The movie – Dark Chocolate is about the killing of Sheena Bora. She was the daughter of two influential media barons of India – Indrani Mukherjea and Peter Mukherjea. It was Indrani’s second marriage where Sheena Bora took birth. But the familial condition was not that much good for all of them. They did not have any inner peace among them and the mother could not tolerate her daughter for some unknown reasons. She used to neglect or envy her daughter. Though Sheena Bora was not dependent on her parents, her mother was not happy with her. This is still a mystery. So, she (her mother Indrani) made a plan to kill her daughter. She made the plan in association of her ex husband and driver.

Dark Chocolate (2016)

The upcoming thriller movie – Dark Chocolate shows that on April 24 in 2012, all the three members, Indrani, her ex husband and the driver, Shyam Rai abducted Sheena Bora from her Worli residence. They took her to a side lane in Bandra while the ex husband, Sanjeev Khanna strangled her to death. Though they tried to propagate that Sheena has left the country for USA, her boy friend asked Worli police to look into the matter and then the real events were exposed. The police found that Sheena’s mother, her step father and the driver was involved in to her murder. Later, police got informed that they had killed Sheena Bora and burnt her body in a distant place.

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Dark Chocolate is an upcoming Bengali language crime thriller. But several other languages have been used in the movie to bring versatility. The movie plot is too attractive and it is expected that the movie will be one of the most successful one in this year and especially it will enrich the Bengali language movies made and produced in Kolkata. The movie is directed by Agnidev Chatterjee.

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Dark Chocolate (2016) Movie Details:

Directed by: Agnidev Chatterjee
Based on: Sheena Bora murder case
Starring: Mahima Chaudhry, Riya Sen, Mumtaz Sorcar
Release dates: February 19, 2016 (2016)
Country: India
Language: Bengali


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