Synopsis & Plot Summary of Baaghi (2016):

Baaghi is the upcoming romantic action movie of Bollywood. The movie plot has been adopted from a Telugu movie named Varsham. The movie plot of Baaghi has not officially been revealed but it is reported that there will be some twists in this Hindi installment than the Telugu one. The movie revolves centering the events of a man who falls in love with a young lady. Being a protector of the country, the hero has to undergo different risks in his life. But when he is in love, he takes the greater risks. But it should not be interpreted as that he lacks love for his country. He takes the risks with his life whenever he needs to protect the country. By the same times, he takes risks to get and protect his love.

Bollywood Hindi Film – Baaghi (2016) Movie Review & Storyline:

When it is about love, people may fall immediately. On the other hand, often it takes more time to fall in. But in the cases of sudden love, there are lots of romances and challenges as well. Being with one another becomes the sole aim of them. They pass moments together and want to lead the life peacefully. But the dreams always do not come true. In their real life they are to experience different difficulties and troubles. By the same time, they overcome the barriers and become winner of the life. The movie plot of Baaghi is similar where a man falls in with a cute woman.

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But they experience different troubles from several quarters. The man is a protector of the country and always has to remain busy with his official duties. Suddenly he falls for the woman. But winning the heart of the woman becomes difficult. By the same time, he is to carry on his occupational duties and responsibilities. So, when he is busy with his responsibilities, he fails to attend the woman. Again, when he is with the woman, he cannot have chances to defeat the country enemies. By this way, his life goes on until he suffers the extreme hit from the oppositions. Different clashes take place among the hero and the villains while the heroine becomes the sufferer for everything. She missed different chances in her life for the hero and now she wants to gain her aim. The movie goes on.

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One of the most interesting factors for the movie is that the audience will see the hero in a different shape. The key artists of the movie including the antagonist have performed very well. Each of them has had lots of home works for the perfection. Action sequences for the movie are the other interesting things. Most of the time, the movie makers use stunt men for taking risky shots to protect the heroes. But here, the hero, Tiger Shroff took part in some risky shots. He has been trained enough to take the shots and fortunately those have been perfect.

Baaghi (2016)

Movie plot is conventional though it is copied from another language movie. But the audience will have a different taste after watching it for the strong script and artists’ performance. The movie maker has brought some initial changes in the movie so that it could be made more attractive. Basically this is a remake of the Telugu movie and mostly the audience group who speak in Hindi has been aimed. Thereby, it appears that the movie will rock the box offices across India as Hindi is the state language of the country.

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 Besides, the movie making process is also adorable. All the highly sophisticated tools like camera, modern lighting, and visual effects have been applied. The shot selection has also been done carefully. The use of visual effects will be one of the impressive issues behind the movies success. The cast selection process was not smooth. Many of the superstars were planned and later Tiger Shroff was taken for his martial art skills. Besides, the villain is having his debut with this movie in Bollywood. When the movie will be released, it is expected that the villain will establish himself in the Indian film industry.

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Filming for the movie began in May 27 in 2015 while the filming was wrapped on February 21 in 2016. The movie makers want to release the movie on April 29 in 2016.

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Baaghi (2016), Movie Details:

Initial release: April 28, 2016 (Kuwait)
Director: Sabbir Khan
Music composed by: Meet Bros, Amaal Mallik, Ankit Tiwari, Julius Packiam, Manj Musik


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