Synopsis & Plot Summary of Airlift (2016):

Historical movies are considered as the best ways to learn about the past. Though sometimes the events are a bit twisted to make the plot more interesting, majority of the events remain the same. Airlift is such a historic movie that has been made to reveal the consciousness of the Indian government about its nationals and evacuated them from Kuwait on an extreme emergency basis. The movie will show how the evacuation process happened, what sorts of misunderstanding took place among the coordinators of the evacuation and some other necessary events which were undertaken to make the evacuation successful. Though it was done to bring all the Indian expatriates back to India, the government could not bring all of them home. Some of the Indians started to live in the country and were not afraid of the Persian Gulf War of 1990. The evacuation lasted for over 50 days and the days were tremendously exciting for the rescuers and the associated people.

Bollywood Hindi Film – Airlift (2016) Movie Review & Storyline:

Generally the audiences are on the view that the historic movies are made with twisted stories and sometimes the movies are made so. As a result the audiences should not be blamed at all for their point of views. But in some other cases, the movies are made with the real histories if the movie makers want to expose some specific truths. Such events are found mostly in the feature films. But when the aim is to inform the audience over any specific issue and by the same time entertain them, the movie makers adopt different other measures. As a result the movies turn into the best one.

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But there are some facts influence the movie environments as well by the same time. If the movie is based on any historical event, the movie makers are to collect the right information so that there are not major misrepresentations of the actual events. So, they are to try their best to collect the authentic information and evidences to make the movie perfect. When there is misinformation or the actual events are twisted severely, the audiences deny watching the movies and then the movies cannot make the expected business and incur financial loss for the producers.

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Thus, the movie makers are highly aware and the information on this movie has been accurate and history has not been changed yet. The movie makers have tried to keep similarity with the actual facts and histories. This is about the largest evacuation in human history in the 1990 during the Persian Gulf War. The government of India tried to evacuate all of its expatriate citizens from Kuwait so that they do not get affected with the side effects of the war. The evacuation continued for around nearly two months and in line with the military aircrafts, Indian airlines also extend its helping hand to bring the expatriates back in home.

Airlift (2016)

The evacuation began on August 13 in 1990 and continued till October 11 of the same year. The government decided to bring the Indian nationals working in Kuwait. It was the eve of Persian Gulf War. Iraq and Kuwait got involved into a serious war that rocked the world severely. The movie makers have perfectly made the sets and made other necessary arrangements to recreate the then situations. Filming for the movie began in February in 2015 and took place in different locations of United Arab Emirates and in India. The artists had also participated in some home works like they had to learn different languages. It will be released in January of 2016.

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Airlift (2016), Movie Details:

Initial release: January 22, 2016 (India)
Director: Raja Krishna Menon
Music composed by: Ankit Tiwari, Amaal Mallik


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